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It's so great to have you here! My name is Jenn, and I'm a Brand and Portrait Photographer here in the North Shore of Illinois (just a hop from Chicago!) I love helping businesses grow their online presence through some AMAZING imagery, so feel free to peruse around. 

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Ann Marie on the Shore | June Branding Session

June 25, 2021

Summer is in full swing, and that means strawberries, ice cream, and outdoor dining for Ann Marie’s June Branding Session!

Ann Marie on the Shore Summer Blogger Branding Session

Traveling to Ann Marie’s for her branding session at her gorgeous home in Lake Forest, I couldn’t help but notice that the weather was going to be AMAZING for us, and I was NOT disappointed. We started off the branding session with a summer fave: a little Strawberry Pie recipe.

Lake Forest blogger summer recipe jenn marie photography brand photographer

Lake Forest blogger summer recipe jenn marie photography brand photographer

Lake Forest blogger summer recipe jenn marie photography brand photographer

TIP: When showing off a recipe during your branding session, it’s always great to have little bits of the ingredients to really give people a visual of all that goes into the finished product!

Lake Forest blogger summer recipe jenn marie photography brand photographer

I was SUPER impressed with the next shot on our list! This table was SO BEAUTIFUL! Just the perfect thing for a summer dinner get together. I loved all of the details, from the glassware to the utensils, it was styled to PERFECTION! Originally the table was in a different spot, but we moved it to the shade so that we had some nice, even light. It worked out really well, too, because having the chairs and such on either side really gave it the cozy feeling of a backyard family dinner!

Lake Forest blogger branding session summer blue table setting jenn marie photography brand photographer

For the third shot of the day, I was super excited… I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream??? Ann Marie really wanted some scoops on a cone, so we decided to go big or go home with 3 whole scoops. No regrets, even with the melting!

The last shot was kind of magical. It had been a super sunny day with random clouds here and there. I knew that for this last one we wanted a really great full body shot with some space, so we settled on Ann Marie’s backyard between the trees. We got all set and then BOOM! The most beautiful cloud coverage gave us this absolutely stunning light! These are by FAR some of my favorite images that we’ve ever taken!

I love getting to work with Ann Marie every month for her branding sessions! It’s always so much fun to see all of her new ideas and topics and make them come to life in her brand photos. You can check out more from Ann Marie on her blog, Ann Marie on the Shore!

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