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It's so great to have you here! My name is Jenn, and I'm a Brand and Portrait Photographer here in the North Shore of Illinois (just a hop from Chicago!) I love helping businesses grow their online presence through some AMAZING imagery, so feel free to peruse around. 

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Photographer Mentorship | Jenn Marie Brand Photography

September 2, 2021

If you’re a photographer looking to make the leap from a paid hobby to a professional business, this photographer mentorship is CALLING YOUR NAME! 


Photographer Mentorship Jenn Marie Brand Photography

When I started my business, I was just a girl with a camera and a really cute baby. I started taking photos of her around the house and thought… hm… I’m pretty good at this! And it’s a TON OF FUN! I bet I could make some money! 


Fast forward 3 years and I had an okay business. I was making money, but I still had no idea what I was doing. Marketing? What’s that? My ideal client? Who in the world could that be? There were so many questions that I still had after being in business for THREE YEARS! 


It wasn’t until I found out that my family would be moving halfway across the country that I finally got serious about the business side of my…. well… business! I hired a business mentor to help me strategize, niche myself down, and start my new journey off on the right foot. 


Within 6 months of moving to Illinois, I had SURPASSED my goals for the entire year. My business was growing, and I thought to myself:




Now, here we are at year 6 and going strong. My CPA always jokes with me that I have the photographer secret sauce, because he sees so many photography businesses fail. 


I love sharing my insights with others and helping them build a solid foundation for their photography business. 


My monthly mentor sessions are built to start wherever you are in your journey and help you narrow down your focus, post intentionally on social media, and give you the tools to help you grow into the LEGEND that you are meant to be! 


What’s included in my 6 month photographer mentorship:


One hour session each month

The Ideal Client workbook

Social Media Planning Guide


During our time together each month, we will cover SO MUCH! We will start where you are in your business and build from there. Whether you’re still trying to identify your ideal client, needing help coming up with a solid, niche, and brand specific social media strategy, or just looking for shooting tips, I’VE GOT YOU! 


Photographer Mentorship Jenn Marie Brand Photography


I would love to get to know your business and talk about how a Photography Mentorship can help!

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