1.5 hour session
Full digital online gallery (minimum 25 images)
Initial Brand Discovery Consultation
Branding Session Planning Guide
2 Locations

This is the holy grail of branding sessions! If you're looking for a full refresh of images that showcase your workflow, day-to-day business operations, and all of the goodies you have to offer, THIS is the place to start!

After you book, we'll spend the first few weeks planning your session with my Ultimate Brand Session Planning Guide, then we'll dive into a full day of laughing, goofing off, and getting great photos, of course! 

full branding sessions

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Have you ever had a branding session, and then realized a couple months later that you needed a specific image that you didn’t get? Trust me, you are NOT alone in this! 

If you're looking for more variety in your imagery as the months pass, then a Brand Membership might be JUST what you're looking for! You'll get fresh, story-telling images all year long, allowing you to stay relevant with up-to-date with the changes that each season brings to your business. 

brand memberships

One session per month/quarter
Monthly/Quarterly Planning Guide
15-25 images included per session
Ongoing digital online gallery
Weekly member email updates and tips

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Video is the new frontier for your brand, and I can help you! From conception to completion, we will brainstorm, plan, create, and deliver video content for your business to use for Instagram Reels, Youtube, Online Marketing, and more! 

Video Options:
Instagram Reels
Short Form Commercial
Long Form Commercial
Website Headers

video production

3-reel packages
full video production
complementary consultation
first round viewing consultation
music licensing

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During your 2 hour strategy session, we will dive into what you need most when it comes to your online brand identity. Whether it's brainstorming how to best use your existing images or coming up with ideas for new, brand-specific content, you'll leave with new, actionable tid-bits!

Topics we can discuss include:
Reels ideas for your business
Coming up with a social media plan
How to prepare for a brand session

strategy sessions

two hour sessions
pre-session consultation
actionable resources

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