I'm not going to tell you how passionate I am about photography, because HELLO here we are! I've made it my life's work! I will tell you, though, that I'm passionate about you and your story! I have a secret... I never had a wedding. No dress. No flowers. NO PHOTOS. My wife and I jumped into a courthouse so many years ago and that was that. Fast forward almost 10 years, and while our life is amazing and we have the MOST ADORABLE little girl, I find myself longing for every fleeting moment that has passed us by. It's amazing the changes you don't see year to year... from that moment you say "I-Do" until your baby is telling you that she's "not a child" anymore because she's five (UGH!) It's all so important; so ever changing. I love giving you something to hold onto... to freeze the TINIEST blip of a moment forever to remember all the times. 

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image by Yeri Photo Co

- jenn -

"It's my dream that you not only remember what the moment looked like, but more importantly what it felt like"